Here we are, where are you?

Settled just 4 minutes from the tiny house friendly city of Spur, Texas, Makerton is an extra-municipal neighborhood of intentionally tiny communities. We are made up of Makers, Pilots, and Off-Gridders. We are similar people with distinct interests who all share a passion for living a little outside of the conventional box.


What is a maker? It's someone who makes things of course! What kinds of things? ALL KINDS OF THINGS!

Makers are creators who like to play by tinkering in - and sometimes adding value to - the physical and virtual worlds we live in. From soldering custom circuit boards and 3D-printing to drawing with a backhoe and flying a homemade aircraft. Often you'll think of these people as that crazy neighbor who collects bolts and admires the weld on that sign across the street. The guy or gal who forgets the time and starts running steel through their band saw at 3 in the morning. Makers are also artists, creating programs, stories or visuals, entertaining our senses, and sometimes enlightening us along the way.

Makers in the commons will have to design and participate in building their own custom tiny/small homes. Your fellow residents in the commons can't wait to help you build and finish your designs, but you must be the driving force behind it.


Pilots are people who see our open highways - which can lead you coast to coast - as just a little too restricting. Why do I have to drive 80 miles to get somewhere 60 miles away? The knowledge that everything they have ever seen on a cross country road trip has been seen and ignored by millions leaves them dissatisfied in a manner that manifests itself into tireless curiosity. Why am I only allowed to see one side of that mountain? Why do i have to admire the canyons from miles away? How do I know that's really the biggest forest? Not wanting to trust google maps, these explorers want to see it for themselves, with their own eyes. Has any living creature ever experienced more freedom then that sense gained while flying?

Pilots may build hangars and live inside of them or create a small shelter beside them. While custom design is admired, kits and pre-manufactured homes are welcome as long as they are created with quality.


Off-Gridders thrive on self-sufficiency, always struggling with the social norm of working a job they don't like so they can pay another person to do something they would have rather done themselves. Living on the fence between all-out homesteading and living life to the fullest, Makerton Off-Gridders value creating their own infrastructure and establishing independence from the rising costs of an unsustainable grid. Why pay 10's of thousands over 20 years for electricity when $2-3k upfront could do the trick with zero emissions?

Off-Gridders must be self-sufficient with utilities with the exception of drinking water. Our neighbors down the road haven't had much luck drilling wells for drinking though you are welcome to try for irrigation. We can't bring plumbing all the way to your lot, but you can fill up an IBC from a spigot near the runway for $10. As with the Pilot lots, custom owner-built homes are admired, but not required. Homes on wheels are also permitted though they must be secured against the wind.


Here in Makerton, we're inviting Makers, Pilots, and Off-Gridders from all over to join our intentional communities and make something unique. A neighborhood grown around common interests and mutual respect. Living in a place where not only do you know your neighbors, but you actually enjoy spending time with them. Not everyone will find Makerton the right place to call home, but those who do will never regret it.  Men and women of all ages with or without families and pets are welcome. Our two primary rules are don't offend anyone and don't choose to be offended by anyone else.

Are you thinking Makerton might be the next place to call home and you're interested in joining one of our communities? Lots for building your own home or shipping in something unique range $3,250 to $6,250 and will have access to power, internet, water, and sewage and everything else Makerton has to offer. Check out our application process on our Neighbors page.