Share in the Experience

Makerton was sparked out of a desire to do something different. It's an experiment as well as a home. We have our ideas and we're going to test if they work or not. Anybody who wants to share in the experience without committing to moving here is welcome to visit and volunteer. You can participate in our discussions and strategies that shape our growth, as well as lend a hand here and there with our vast undertaking.

Interested in building your own home but don't know where to start? Consider spending a week or two in Makerton for an opportunity to get hands-on experience and advice from qualified architects and builders.

Interested in philosophizing around a fire about ZEDE's and Seasteading? Come for a weekend and make a libertarian out of Hank (He says he's on the fence, but we all know he's an anarchist at heart).

Maybe you're looking for an escape from the harsh winter and want to spend some time with cool people under the Texas sun. Whatever your motivation, aspiring attitudes are always welcome.

For now, our accommodations are limited. We have a utility shed with electricity and wifi as well as running water and a public bathroom. If you want to come before May, tents, RV's, and Tiny Houses on Wheels are welcome. If you want to stay for more than two weeks, you're welcome to build a small shelter and haul it with you or donate the material to our ongoing projects.

If you would like to plan a trip to volunteer or hangout, please email Benjamin at