Residential Property

Located on 20.4 acres about 940ft squared on Highway 70 just 4 minutes North of Spur, TX.

The land will be held by an independent LLC in the form of a land trust (formation pending) using a model whereby each occupied residential lot has one representative on the Makerton board and any other residents on an Advisory board. Each Makerton representative will have an equal voice, that decides how the land is used and assigned. All members of the advisory board have every right of access to information and meetings that the Makerton representatives have, with the exception of a vote. This is to ensure that multi-party homes don't have representation that is disproportional to their obligations and contributions to Makerton.

There will be 3 types of lots available for up to 33 residences:

  • 16 Maker lots surrounding a central commons area with a buy-in of $3,250. 37' front, 80' deep, 66' rear in an annulus shape of 4,142 square feet
  • 10 Pilot lots along the runway intended for live-in or live-beside hangars with a buy-in of $6,250. 60' wide by 100' deep in a 6,000 square foot rectangle
  • 7 Off-Grid lots along the Western edge with a buy-in of $5,000. 134' wide by 162' deep in a 21,748 square foot rectangle

Once a prospective resident buys into Makerton, they will be assigned a lot within the category they applied for. At a minimum, each resident will be responsible for paying their respective property taxes as appraised by Dickens County as well as a fair portion of the taxes appraised on the communal areas.

The prices listed will guarantee enough capital to clear land, build roads, and install all other utilities and necessary infrastructure for the respective lots. This includes water, sewage, electric, and internet for the commons and the runway as well as clearing and grading of the runway. Any capital left over from lots sales will go towards property improvement such as fence repairs, signage, and organizing of communal spaces.

Additionally, funds may be required for the further development of Makerton and shared facilities. These will be proposed, discussed, and voted on at meetings within which all representatives have an equal voice. There will inevitably be ongoing maintenance costs and repairs and so beginning on the first of the month following initiation as a member and continuing on the 1st of the each month thereafter, each residential lot will be required to pay $50 into the Makerton Maintenance Fund (MMF).

All finances will be 100% transparent to all Makers, Pilots, and Off-Gridders of Makerton. There is no hierarchy here though it may be that some individuals are elected to lead certain projects. This is a community organized development. That also implies that every resident is expected to take a responsible approach to our growth.

Makers and Pilots Guilds

Any residents of Makerton may subscribe as a member to one or both of the community guilds, depending on which community they've joined. The residents of the commons lots must subscribe to the Makers guild and the residents of the Pilot lots must subscribe to the Pilots Guild. Residents of either may additionally subscribe to the other and only residents of the Off-Grid lots may abstain from either guild. All members of each group will be equally responsible for the costs of developing these facilities, and thereby have unrestricted access to use of their subscriptions. Residents who do not subscribe will have to pay access fees for each usage similar to that which non-residents pay. A steep discount is encouraged, but ultimately the two groups will have autonomy over how the facilities are operated. Pricing is likely to vary considerably depending on how the groups choose to fund the facilities. For instance, each group may pursue commercial avenues and sponsorship for equipment or funds and this will inherently affect the operating costs.

Initially the Pilots Guild subscription will be $20/month and the Makers Guild subscription will be $50/month. This means that including the MMF, residents of the Pilot lots will be paying a minimum of $70/month and residents of the commons lots will be paying a minimum of $100/month with Off-Gridders remaining at the base $50/month.

Activity Spaces

While it is subject to change as new residents join us, so far those of us here would like to see a paintball field, an obstacle course, and an underground firing range. These activity spaces will be operated at the discretion of the Makerton representatives. These would be freely accessible to residents, and would be accessible to non-residents for profit. Any profits generated above covering costs and staffing will go into the general Makerton fund and distributed to residents if an agreed surplus threshold is reached. Other ideas for uses of the activity spaces are welcome.


At the discretion of the Makerton community, land may be leased to commercial operations such as hotels and restaurants, or events. Rent from these leases would go into the general Makerton fund and used or disbursed as the community sees fit.

Those of us already here envision a future time when Makerton is developed and can host mini festivals and events or gatherings or consumer and corporate retreats. When we have enough skilled Makers it may be possible to host weekend Makers workshops so interested hobbyists can learn from the Makers of Makerton. We may also be able to host fly-in events and workshops on ultra light planes and experimental vehicles and offer pilot training.

The Future

Really anything is possible. We just want to live our lives to the fullest and be members of a community that helps us reach our personal development goals. Most residents will still have to maintain jobs elsewhere or be self-employed in some way. Several of us may only be around half the year. But eventually it would be nice to see out efforts create a community landscape that pays for itself and supports those who brought it forth from ideation to reality. We're just here to make something, and whether it works or not, we'll keep on making, because that is what the Makers of Makerton do.