Makerton is first and foremost a community. Your neighbors will be your best friends, your co-creators, your literal wing men and women, and potential business partners. Each assigned lot in Makerton will have a seat on the Makerton board. You will be expected to thoughtfully participate as we organize infrastructure, policies, businesses, and our futures together. It's important that we all respect one another and the more values and ideas we share the more likely we are to succeed.

We're not saying that everyone is going to be best friends, but this is not a neighborhood where you can just casually ignore the human a few doors down. Makerton will have up to 33 homes and may have a population of between 45 and 70 individuals, or more. This is a place where some people will help raise your kids and be part of your family, and others will be first in line to look after your pets while you're away. Asking is more of a courtesy than a prerequisite. Hopefully you'll also find that there will be people here you would like to adventure, travel, and share some of life's experiences with.

How to become a neighbor

Makerton is now accepting applications for future residents. The application process starts with an email and ends with a sleepover.

1. Start your application with an email to Please include the type of lot you would like to build on and just tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would like to be a part of Makerton. We will reply to all emails, but to help us prepare for a phone call we have a few suggestions of things to include in your email. This will help us determine which of our members should make the first call, based on similar interests and relevant experiences.

  • All
    • Current location - Country, state, whether you live in a city or somewhere more rural - Makerton is relatively remote and it's important to understand this if you're coming from a metropolitan area.
    • Lifestage - Whether you're in your first job or already collecting social security, single or in a multi-decade relationship with kids in school, or anywhere in between. Moving to Makerton will be a significant life-event and commitment and it's helpful to know where you're at and what Makerton would mean to you. It's also helpful to know if you will be looking for local employment so we can help direct you towards opportunities.
    • Why Makerton - We know why we're here. We know that it's worth every penny and bead of sweat and moment of frustration. But we don't know you, why do you want to be here?
  • Makers - What makes you a maker? Do you make music and art? Do you build from first principles? Do you get a kick out of fixing machines and high off the smell of saw dust? Do you make computers do your bidding? There are many varieties of makers, which one are you? Also since Makers have to design their own homes, what are you leaning towards building? Do you have drawings already?
  • Pilots - Do you have your license? Do you want one? Have you built your own plane? How far have you flown? What's the scariest situation you've found yourself in from the cockpit?
  • Off-Gridders - Do you live off-grid already? How do you want to generate power? Are you going to grow your own food? Are you looking to build something or deliver a finished shelter? Do you have chickens?

2. After reading your email, we will arrange a phone call so you can spend up to an hour talking with one of our members so we can help you determine if Makerton is right for you, and if you are right for Makerton.

3. Provided the phone call is positive, we'll invite you to spend 2 or more days with us at Makerton so we can get to know each other. If you're a maker, we may try to make something. If you're a pilot, we'll try to get you flying. If you're an Off-Gridder, we'll argue about solar vs. wind, and no matter who wins, fossil fuels lose. If all goes well, we'll welcome you to Makerton and help you get started.


Those applying for Pilot or Off-Grid lots will be permitted to start building immediately, following approval of plans and then receipt of the property deposit. At this time you will be appointed to our advisory board until you are living in your home in Makerton. Once residency is established, you will be a full-member. All approved applicants must begin construction within 3 months or their approval will be rescinded and their deposit refunded. While it may take a year to fully complete the build, every approved applicant must be living within their structures within 3 months of beginning the build.

Those applying for Maker lots in the commons will be grouped into fours and scheduled to start construction together. Each group will share an assigned quadrant to build on. This is so we can be efficient with any hired machinery and material deliveries as well as make the installation of utilities more cost effective. Each Maker will have sole control over their build, though we hope they will also help each other with the more difficult tasks, and share expertise where relevant. We will provide some temporary infrastructure for these groups in the form of a utility shed with electricity, water, and wifi, as well as a shower and composting outhouse. 

The first Makers group will be confirmed by March 15th with plans and materials lists due by April 15th. Construction will begin at the start of May. This timeline may be accelerated depending on demand.