So, new residents don't own their land and are subject to policies? I thought this was supposed to be extra-municipal?

Well, extra-municipal does not mean anarchist. First of all, every policy is voted on by the community as a whole, and really serves more as guidelines to make sure we're all on the same page. Context is everything and we don't want people to think Makerton is a place where you can just come and do whatever the hell you want without regard for the members of your community. We're asking people to relocate their lives here, and publicizing our guidelines and how we operate will help these people make informed decisions on whether Makerton is a community they will find fulfilling. We don't want conflict and hope that guidelines will help bring people here with compatible mindsets.

The following is just a list shaping the early direction that our first members want to see Makerton take. Any guideline can be created, altered, and removed at the discretion of any future meeting.

  1. Do not intentionally offend anyone and do not choose to take offense from anyone. In other words, please be mindful of your actions and reactions.
  2. Every representative must vote on every decision or assign their vote to another representative to use in their place. Decisions require a 4/5ths vote in favor.
  3. Every home in the commons is a visual and structural expression of its owner and should contain a notable amount of custom decisions. All alternative structures such as container ship, earthship, cobhouse, strawbale, etc. are welcome. Neighbors should be willing to spare a hand here and there for DIY'ers.
  4. Firearms must be stored in a manner deemed secure by the community and all owners must demonstrate competence prior to bringing any firearm onto the property.
  5. Any pilots must demonstrate competence to use the runway.
  6. Everything you do is at your own risk. There are no life guards on duty.
  7. Be thoughtful.
  8. Be responsible.
  9. Be kind.