A Maker Wanders Home

Having lived in 4 houses and an apartment during K-12, I didn't leave home with a sense that 'home' was anything more than wherever most of my things happened to be. I've had an itch for DIY projects for as long as I can remember - and this itch screamed for bigger and bigger projects as I reached my teenage years - but throughout high school my family rented, so I had to limit myself to building a desk, some small engravings, and random tinkering. I've always had this fantasy of a fully customized home that reflected its occupants personalities as an extension of themselves. But for 5 years after moving out, I was stuck in the same situation, renting apartment after apartment, slowly acquiring tools that I was determined to use, but unable to find the motivation to customize something I wouldn't be able to keep.

Moving to Spur 5 months ago was my first step to changing all of that, and moving to Makerton was my last.

20.4 acres providing virtually limitless making potential. I won't just be building a custom home in the sense of a box that I store myself in at night. I will be creating a custom community with my neighbors until we have 20.4 acres that not only reflects us, but ultimately defines us.

We have a lot of work ahead as we lay out the property, make roads, and identify the lots, not to mention building our more permanent homes, workshops, hangars, tracks, courses, and a runway.  But moving in our temporary tiny houses was the first of many milestones I'm looking forward to achieving here. Some pictures from our weekend below: