A Maker Wanders Home

Having lived in 4 houses and an apartment during K-12, I didn't leave home with a sense that 'home' was anything more than wherever most of my things happened to be. I've had an itch for DIY projects for as long as I can remember - and this itch screamed for bigger and bigger projects as I reached my teenage years - but throughout high school my family rented, so I had to limit myself to building a desk, some small engravings, and random tinkering. I've always had this fantasy of a fully customized home that reflected its occupants personalities as an extension of themselves. But for 5 years after moving out, I was stuck in the same situation, renting apartment after apartment, slowly acquiring tools that I was determined to use, but unable to find the motivation to customize something I wouldn't be able to keep.

Moving to Spur 5 months ago was my first step to changing all of that, and moving to Makerton was my last.

20.4 acres providing virtually limitless making potential. I won't just be building a custom home in the sense of a box that I store myself in at night. I will be creating a custom community with my neighbors until we have 20.4 acres that not only reflects us, but ultimately defines us.

We have a lot of work ahead as we lay out the property, make roads, and identify the lots, not to mention building our more permanent homes, workshops, hangars, tracks, courses, and a runway.  But moving in our temporary tiny houses was the first of many milestones I'm looking forward to achieving here. Some pictures from our weekend below:

Community bonding through shared adventure

We're still a day out from closing on the property for Makerton, and already the first 3 residents have plans to adventure together, and two of them have never even met. It may sound crazy, but we're Makers and this is just the sort of thing we like to do.

As I write this, Hank is in Chicago preparing to close on the sale of his last conventional house and Iain is on the road somewhere in Pennsylvania having left New Hampshire earlier this afternoon. Meanwhile I'm at my desk in my half-finished tiny cabin in Spur, looking forward to loading my tiny home onto a trailer this weekend and moving it to Makerton, just a few minutes down the road.

Hank and I met in December when he came touring Spur looking to build a tiny house. Over the past 5 months we've grown into great friends bonding over all the cool stuff we want to do after finishing our tiny houses. The problem though was that our city lots were a mile apart and our personal ambitions weren't quite in line with what works in a typical municipality. So we started exploring the surrounding land looking for the right place to start a tiny community.

Iain and I have known each other since high school, and for a couple of years now we've talked about our many shared interests and plans to follow through on a few ambitions. So when Hank and I stumbled onto the idea of a maker's community, I knew Iain would fit right in.

And then there were three Makers of Makerton.







Unrelated to all of this, I'm still only mostly moved to Spur, with my motorcycle and a few boxes in my grandparents' garage in Phoenix. I wanted to wait until the weather was warmer before taking a roundabout route via Utah and Colorado to bring my bike to Spur. When Iain finalized his travel dates and confirmed he would be heading over around now, I told him about my trip and without hesitation he was on board for the ride. Naturally I told Hank about this and he knew he couldn't miss out on road trip so he decided to rush his closing to get back here sooner.

So we're closing on Makerton Friday, Iain is arriving Saturday, Hank is returning Sunday, and then on Tuesday we're hitting the road. I'll be flying to Phoenix to get my bike and we'll meet in Flagstaff, AZ just before hitting the Grand Canyon - which Hank and Iain have never visited before. Since I'll be on my bike, these two new Makers of Makerton will be getting to know one another on the drive from within Hank's little green Fiat. I can't wait to see the results.

I will be documenting the trip with photos and videos and will provide an update for you all when we return.

Some readers may think it's odd that the first Makers of Makerton would take a two-week trip before developing any of the property. However, I feel it emphasized the sense of community which is the first priority for Makerton. One neighbor plans an experience and everyone else wants to be a part of it. Not one of them said 'I hope you have a great time, let me know how it goes when you're back'. Neither Iain nor Hank have explored much of the South West and weren't about to pass up an opportunity to change that.

I know this is short notice and this site is only beginning to be discovered. But we all enjoy meeting like minded people and if any readers or potential Makers are based in in Flagstaff, Southern Utah, Colorado, Western Kansas, or Western Oklahoma, reach out and maybe we'll have a chance to cross paths on our journey : )